Found a bug?

We thoroughly test every version of FootieFox before we release. If you experience any problems with FootieFox anyway and you would like to help us improve our software we would be grateful to hear your bug report.
Here are some steps that make it more easy for us to locate and fix the bug:

1. Firefox Error Console

The Error Console in Firefox is available at Tools / Error Console. Before consulting it, please make sure your Firefox is configured to plot the interesting errors at all. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. Verify the following settings:

javascript.options.showInConsole = true
javascript.options.strict = true

Now restart Firefox, try to reproduce the error and send us the content of your Error Console.

2. Your environment

Many errors occur due to conflicts with other, non-standard components. Therefore it is interesting for us to know: What is your operating system, which other addons do you run, what is your language package, what Firefox theme do you use, …?

3. Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words - this is true for bug report, too. If you can attach a screenshot which shows the error, that’s very helpful to us.

Please file your bug reports at bugs (ät) footiefox (döt) com. Thanks for your support.